make you feel my love. - repost

I recorded this when I got home late tonight. It’s super, super, SUPER mellow. Probs cause I was tired haha. I first recorded a melody track – with the video, then added harmonies on top. Thought it’s a bit strange my harmonies are coming from outta the video, but I’m not technically savvy enough to know how to video record myself recording harmonies and add that video to the original video (if that even makes sense) haha. Anyways. Hope ya enjoy it. I’ll try to do some more upbeat songs, and stop putting ya’ll to sleep!

thankful. - repost

funny story about my nord keyboard (in the video below). I would like to officially say, I am SO incredibly blessed with INCREDIBLE family and friends in my life. My family…all my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side pitched in together to buy me a nord keyboard as my wedding present. If you don’t know much about nords….this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!  It has the most amazing sounds on it and effects you could ask or dream of. I’m still in a long process of learning how to use the darn thing to the best of it’s ability. Nevertheless, I am so ridiculously grateful for their generosity. But that goes for all the other AMAZING family I have. I can’t say enough about my parents, and now my in-laws…they’re all too incredible. My grandmas are so supportive as well (even though it’s totally outside of Chinese tradition to get married so young…I was 21…they were still sooo supportive). Our friends are phenomenal as well. A huge part of Victor (= husband) & my support group comes from our home church, and now worksite for both of us - Westwood and other places. For example, we have a friend named Ryan…who is ridiculously amazing. At our wedding, (amongst the maaany others that helped out), he took the most humbling position EVER and sat at the back of a table, and at the back of a gazebo (gazebo picture above…where he couldn’t see much at all) and played ALL of our ceremony music. (a wedding’s not a wedding without some good music). That means he couldn’t sit with friends, enjoy the day, and most importantly show off to the single ladies how good looking he was being in his suit on a wedding day, BUT he sat behind a GAZEBO and did us a HUGE, unforgettable favor and played our music at the perfect timing!!! Everyone KNOWS how much weddings can flop with a bad DJ. But he was incredible…didn’t complain at all. wow i tell ya. and this is just one example of how our friends are so amazing.
Anyways. all this to say. I am so thankful for everyone in our lives. we are blessed beyond measure.

awake my soul. - repost

So this morning I Garagebanded a cover of Mumford & Sons song – Awake my Soul. I’m not a huge fan of recording videos of myself singing on the keys. Dunno if that’s my thing, so enjoy my picture video instead hahah. ANYWAYS. My dear friend Anthony introduced me to this program called Reason a couple days ago, and I CANT stop thinking about it. It’s this incredible synth/recording program that transformed my world. It’s about $450, which defs isn’t in our budget right now. BUT i’m gonna save up! …We just moved into our new place last month, so we gotta save up for paint to paint the walls first! ahha BUT i’m SO stoked to record on that one day.
Back to this song – I love the lyrics of it. Did a track for the melody, 2 diff harmonies, and simple keys! Take a listen and lemme know whatcha think!

meet Alieda and Becky. - repost

we be jammin. SO this song is featuring Alieda (left), but dedicated to Becky becksters (right). Becky’s leaving for the lands of Alberta, and we will dearly, dearly miss her. We went to her basement suite in North Van this evening and rearranged it into our jam space! Becky on cello (so beautiful). Not only is she phenomenal at the cello, but she is the definition of gorgeous, so I could literally watch her and listen to her play all day. For real. Alieda is also SOo stinkin incredible. Her voice (listen to the video above), rocks my world every time. I’m so blessed to know these girls, they’re amazing. and Garageband for the win. We’re telling Becky to stay here in BC in this song haha… So check out our cover of Stay

spinach soup. - repost

Spinach soup:
ALL you need is milk, flour, water, bouillon, butter, and of course…spinach
- and you’ve got yourself an amazing, hearty, creamy, spinach soup.
mm mmm
Enough said.

1 samuel - repost

With my time off in the morning I decided to continue reading this book in the bible called 1 Samuel. It’s pretty neat; partly about a king named Saul and how he met a shepherd boy named David (who would later replace him as king). In chapter 16, verse 16 music therapy appears! David was asked to play his lyre and Saul would literally be HEALED from this “tormenting depression”.  Just like that! How rad is that!! (Better than any prozac or zoloft that’s for sure). Anyways, I ended up writing a quick little song about Saul and David.  I wrote the lyrics from Saul’s perspective talking about David, the shepherd boy. Check out (below) my first video I’m uploading of my music: Shepherd Boy. holler. new blog, new video …so fun.

it begins! - repost

hello! yes, I am starting a blog – my own kristen maynard blog. …I’ve just finished up my classes in an undergrad for music therapy, I recently got married, recently moved, love photography, about to start working at a church and I’m in love with creating music. …so why not start a blog! Feel free to check out my reads and music when they’re up and comment/post as you wish! Hope you enjoy.