meet Alieda and Becky. - repost

we be jammin. SO this song is featuring Alieda (left), but dedicated to Becky becksters (right). Becky’s leaving for the lands of Alberta, and we will dearly, dearly miss her. We went to her basement suite in North Van this evening and rearranged it into our jam space! Becky on cello (so beautiful). Not only is she phenomenal at the cello, but she is the definition of gorgeous, so I could literally watch her and listen to her play all day. For real. Alieda is also SOo stinkin incredible. Her voice (listen to the video above), rocks my world every time. I’m so blessed to know these girls, they’re amazing. and Garageband for the win. We’re telling Becky to stay here in BC in this song haha… So check out our cover of Stay

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