awake my soul. - repost

So this morning I Garagebanded a cover of Mumford & Sons song – Awake my Soul. I’m not a huge fan of recording videos of myself singing on the keys. Dunno if that’s my thing, so enjoy my picture video instead hahah. ANYWAYS. My dear friend Anthony introduced me to this program called Reason a couple days ago, and I CANT stop thinking about it. It’s this incredible synth/recording program that transformed my world. It’s about $450, which defs isn’t in our budget right now. BUT i’m gonna save up! …We just moved into our new place last month, so we gotta save up for paint to paint the walls first! ahha BUT i’m SO stoked to record on that one day.
Back to this song – I love the lyrics of it. Did a track for the melody, 2 diff harmonies, and simple keys! Take a listen and lemme know whatcha think!

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