dragonfly paint

we moved into our home on march 28th 2013, and couldn't, for the life of us decide on a paint colour. we wanted our home to be warm and welcoming so we naturally leaned towards warm colors like browns and even a warm orange.  we bought a $5 tester paint can from home depot to try out a "butter rum" color...but it didn't fit. friends came over and said it looked like vomit haha. I wanted a dramatic bright accent wall color to make a loud statement (brighter and lighter teal)...but Victor wanted to be more neutral. So...long story short, after going back and forth trying to decide on colours, and checking out & taking some designer blog ideas ...we ended up going with a dark teal (= dragonfly colour by benjamin moore) for an accent wall, with a light grey (= moonshine) for the other walls in our living & dining room. at first, blue-ish greens and greys were the last colors we wanted cause it seemed to give off a less warm feeling... but so far we're loving the cooler feel to it, which in our opinion, still seems homey & welcoming! check our our process below.

we came home late at night from our youth group that Victor leads and ended up painting until 3AM to get this wall done. 

...what it looked like at night before drying...

 ...and what it looked like in the morning!

messy kitchen, but beautiful wall! we love it!

next home project(s):
- paint the kitchen
- DIY ledge stone going onto our TV wall  (thanks jason!)
- DIY bench seat in the kitchen

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