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funny story about my nord keyboard (in the video below). I would like to officially say, I am SO incredibly blessed with INCREDIBLE family and friends in my life. My family…all my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side pitched in together to buy me a nord keyboard as my wedding present. If you don’t know much about nords….this is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!  It has the most amazing sounds on it and effects you could ask or dream of. I’m still in a long process of learning how to use the darn thing to the best of it’s ability. Nevertheless, I am so ridiculously grateful for their generosity. But that goes for all the other AMAZING family I have. I can’t say enough about my parents, and now my in-laws…they’re all too incredible. My grandmas are so supportive as well (even though it’s totally outside of Chinese tradition to get married so young…I was 21…they were still sooo supportive). Our friends are phenomenal as well. A huge part of Victor (= husband) & my support group comes from our home church, and now worksite for both of us - Westwood and other places. For example, we have a friend named Ryan…who is ridiculously amazing. At our wedding, (amongst the maaany others that helped out), he took the most humbling position EVER and sat at the back of a table, and at the back of a gazebo (gazebo picture above…where he couldn’t see much at all) and played ALL of our ceremony music. (a wedding’s not a wedding without some good music). That means he couldn’t sit with friends, enjoy the day, and most importantly show off to the single ladies how good looking he was being in his suit on a wedding day, BUT he sat behind a GAZEBO and did us a HUGE, unforgettable favor and played our music at the perfect timing!!! Everyone KNOWS how much weddings can flop with a bad DJ. But he was incredible…didn’t complain at all. wow i tell ya. and this is just one example of how our friends are so amazing.
Anyways. all this to say. I am so thankful for everyone in our lives. we are blessed beyond measure.

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