garageband for the WIN!

In a previous post, I was talking about the synth & recording program, Reason and how I want it so bad to record with. Victor (= incredible husband), stayed up till 2AM in the morning the night before we left super early (7AM) for Pender Island and bought me Reason Essentials without me knowing!!! INCREDIBLE. Every spare minute I'm trying to figure this thing out. I think I've figured it out for the most part, though there are still sooo many sounds I need to test out.  I've come to a few conclusions in my testing trials though:

1. Reason Essentials is missing a LOT of the instruments/sounds the full Reason has (makes sense).
2. The reverb options for vocals on the Essentials I'm finding isn't that great (i'm all for originality, but some are a little too out there).
3. I've spent so many hours playing around with Reason I kinda missed my simple Garageband.

SO with that said...I wrote a song about Hosea and his wife that so happened to be a prostitute = Gomer (Hosea = book in bible), aaand with no luck recording my song on Reason tonight, I went to my simple Garageband to record a tiny part of the song (I will finish recording and post sometime hopefully soon), and played around with the amazing vocal options haha!'s simply because I can. ENJOY each clip!

                                                        1.                                                                                           2.      
                                                        3.                                                                                          4.

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