my wedding song.

"i take you, and only you
we pledge our lives in love
you'll lead and protect me
as i serve with all i am and bring you joy

together we love, together we grow
together we honour our Father, today

together we dream, together we stand
together we honour our Father, who's here today."

...we got married out in tsawwassen at this gorgeous heritage home. an outdoor ceremony, with no tent or covering at all. the weather forecast days before kept saying it was going to rain - plus the days before our wedding were all rainy and gloomy. i actually went umbrella shopping with my dad just in case we had to buy the whole bridal party umbrellas.  the heritage home owner told me i should definitely get a tent covering, & i'd be silly not to. the weather was just ugly for days.  we looked into renting a tent/covering but that costed almost $1000 - forget that! i prayed instead. things such as "God pleeeeeeeeeease don't let it rain!!!!!" haha. and you know what? it didn't rain! 

our ceremony was at 2pm and our reception was indoor at 5:30pm. it was bright and SUNNY (such a surprise compared to the previous days) from the early morning up until about 5:00pm. and at 5:00pm - when we were all coming to the indoor reception venue, it rained! PERFECT timing! it rained up until 9:30-10pm-ish. again PEEERRRFECT timing because at around 10-10:30pm we had LANTERNS (picture below) and we needed it to not be raining to light them. but it was even MORE PERFECT that it rained during the time it did, so that our lanterns couldn't light any nearby trees or buildings on fire! BRILLIANT. God is brilliant. Our wedding was incredible, every part of it - including the weather!

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