christian terms 101

after being apart of several christian churches throughout my life this far,
i've come to realize there's a specific use of vocabulary that only church members and those familiar with christianity/catholicism would understand. BUT, I'm also realizing...
some people within the church sometimes say & use these words but...
THEY themselves don't even realize what the heck the words mean! 

so, i thought i would simply write out some of these definitions to help us all out:

1. amen! = "so be it" agreement

2. holy = "having a spiritually pure quality", "godly", "consecrated"

3. hallelujah! = "God be praised!", "a shout of joy, praise or gratitude"

4. glory = "great honor or praise", "renown"

5. glory PLUS hallelujah = "with great honor or praise, God be glorified!"
...we all know that faithful, older, church member who always calls out "Glory Hallelujah!" with a southern accent in the movies, or maybe even our own church hahaha ....

THEN...there are 7 important events/dates within the christian/catholic year
i thought i would write out so i can remember them!

1. advent = not just when you get chocolate off a pop out calendar! 
december 1 to december 24.
the waiting/expectant time for the birth of Jesus

2. christmas = we all know this one. 
the birth of Jesus.
not just present time

3. epiphany = usually january 6th
celebration of the revelation of God (son = Jesus Christ) as a human being

4. lent = around 6 weeks all before easter sunday.
believers are prepared through prayer and other ways

5. holy week = last week of lent (the week before easter).

6. easter! = this one's easy.
the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus after being crucified!

7. pentecost = used to be ancient Israel celebrating and partying together...
but then changed into the feast/celebration of the descent of the holy spirit.

SO. juuuust in case you hear those words...
now you know.

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