cream horns

for christmas (part of it), i asked for cream horn molds!
my husband bought them for me from amazon
and i finally got to make them yesterday !!

these are suuuuper simple.
make the puff pastry dough, or take the easy way out 
like i did this time and just buy the dough in the freezer section at superstore.
cut it in thin rectangles - use a rolling pin to double the length
and roll it around the cream horn molds!

bake at 400°F for 10-12 minutes

then make the cream. 
i followed this cream recipe
piped it in the pastries,
showered it with icing sugar,
and cream horns are made!

now this book below, is soo precious to me.
it was just given to me by my dear, dear grandma
she's a professional  baker and used to work at Hotel Vancouver.
i will absolutely use these recipes, and pass the book onto my kids one day.
my grandma's such an amazing woman, and so glad she's apart of my life #1 baking fan ;)

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