herb garden

never thought in a million years i'd be one to grow a lil garden
i didn't enjoy gardening when i was a kid.
my mom made me garden with her outside and i didn't really enjoy it.
dirt, weeds, worms, spiders, cobwebs, bees, ants, ....
not my cup of tea.

BUT, a rec therapist at my internship site just sold it to me,
she explained how easy it was, & no bugs indoor gardening...so i thought i might as well give it a try.
it doesn't take much to sell me on a "do it yourself" sort of project !
i did some research on my trusty google, and here's what i came up with:
(we'll see if it works in a few weeks... it may just be a flop, buuut here goes...)


- potting soil = $2.97
- parsley seeds = $2.99
- oregano seeds = $1.99
- basil seeds = $2.99
- kale seeds = $1.89
(and got cheap pots to go with it)

okay. step 1. put rocks at the bottom of the pot to let extra water escape to

step 2. cover it up with soil!

step 3. PARSLEY
- soak the seeds in warm/hot water for about 24 hours
(this softens the outer coat on the seeds)
- plant 1/4 inch deep, and about 1 inch apart
- apparently parsley's a bit difficult to grow, and takes about 2-4 weeks to germinate
sidenote: germinate = "begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy"
 (parsley seeds below)

step 4. BASIL:
- plant .5 - 1 centimetre deep, and a few inches apart
- takes about 5-7 days to germinate
- water with a spray bottle
- basil needs sun (cold weather destroys basil, so smart of me for planting it in January ha ha)
- pick the leaves regularly to encourage growth
- whenever a stem has 6-8 leaves on it - it's time to prune!
- they say this is a good herb to start with if you're a newbie like me...
- store: pick and freeze in ice cube trays or in airtight bags
(basil seeds below...compare them to oregano seeds...woweee...)

step 5. OREGANO:
- plant on the surface of the soil, do not bury them (scatter evenly)
- oregano wants bright light!
- it can take weeks to germinate
- oregano will grow easily - and is apparently a great beginner herb too
- keep soil on the dry side...don't want it too moist
- cut the plant back when it grows too big (do this regularly)
- when plant is 6 inches tall, cut the bottom of the stem (about 1/2 an inch over soil)
(oregano seeds below....are SOOO small
i couldn't stop laughing when i was planting them... thoughts running through my head, what the heck am i doing with these little dust-mite-miniature-bug-looking things hahaha, hopefully they'll turn into beautiful green plans i can cook with...)

step 5. KALE:
- plant 1/2 inch deep, 4-5 seeds together in the centre of pot
- takes about 2 months for mature plants! (i hope i don't give up on watering it before then.....)
- kale wants cold weather, it becomes bitter and tough if it's in temperatures warmer than 80°F
- keep the soil moist, but not soggy!! (moist soil = sweet and crisp leaves)
- allow the top soil to dry (stick your finger in the soil about 1 cm to feel the dampness below)
- when plant is 8-10 inches high, you can start to cut the leaves...starting with the outside leaves first
(didn't take a pic of these, they'll be making their home outside in my backyard)

front: oregano
middle: basil
back: parsley

will post about how they're doing in a few weeks .............
hopefully SOMEthing grows.

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