it's GROWING!!!

cleaning up the house today, and MY HERBS ARE GROWING!!!!


hahahaha so proud of myself.
i kept saying (jokingly), if i can do this, i can do anything.
hahaha - i know i just stuck a seed in the dirt and watered it...but STILL
so proud.

this is my kale. the other 3 pots still haven't sprouted anything....
my guess is because Basil says it needs sunlight, and I just don't have much sunlight these days hitting my windowsill. and the other 2 take a few weeks to here's to hoping they'll sprout too in the next week or so!

i was totally doubting myself that i could plant a little herb.
here's to show, i need to have more faith in myself....and these little seeds.
now there's a life lesson beyond gardening ;) haha oh too good.

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