vic & i love the chalkboard look. we were gonna throw one up in our kitchen by our kitchen bench, BUT 2 problems - #1. it was like $80 we didn't wanna pay for just a chalkboard, and #2. we didn't want chalk dust flying all over our kitchen (...before we found out about chalk markers!! :O). 

SO alternate plan! 
- went to ikea & bought a $29.99 Ribba picture frame
- went to Staples and bought some matte black paint $5
- went to Michaels and bought $8 white chalkboard/glass markers
(...with the 40% off coupon youuuuu know ;))

we wanted this chalkboard to be for friends & fam to entertain themselves on when they're over. 
BUT i wanted to add a little Maynard touch to it before that happened.

i googled some "welcome" signs, defffffinitely copied some banner/details from other signs online.
defs can't take credit for the design of this! i drew it onto the plastic part of the picture frame, while vic spray painted the back piece of the frame the matte black.

these markers had the same consistency as white out so it was a bit frustrating at times.
but once you get used to it - it gets easier...
on a complete tangent, i was thinking while making this - i love watching the show Ink Masters (heh), but now have even MORE respect for tattoo artists (well. the good ones)...it's soo RIDICULOUS the fine work they do. ...quite amazed.

anyways, in the end it turned out great - our back up plan in case this didn't work out since i've never tried to do this before - was to design a "chalkboard" welcome sign online (photoshop tools to make it look like a chalkboard, and some nice fonts) and just print it off to frame.
BUT glad this worked out instead!

we're excited for our guests to add some flavour to the rest of the board!

in all honesty, if i were to do this again - i'd change a few things.
i'd get actual chalk paint to paint the glass/plastic of the frame 
(the paint makes any surface a chalk board),
THEN use the chalk markers on top of that...
the difference being - it'd actually be a chalk board, 
AND the glass wouldn't leave such a reflection (like below)

go give it a try yourself!

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  1. Cute project and wonderful typography! But, just for future reference.. your apostrophe is in the wrong spot. When Maynard becomes plural (i.e. there are two Maynards), the possessive will look like this: Welcome to the Maynards' (yes, with the apostrophe outside the 's' and no follow-up 's.') If it's an individual Maynard's possession, you'd use the apostrophe placement you used on your sign.
    Just a grammar stickler's sidenote.