i made this for my husband (boyfriend at the time), a few years back for his birthday.
it's a neat idea if you're stumped on what to get a loved one. i made and ordered him a photo book from apple with a bunch of pictures of us dating (& pre-dating). or so i wrote it on the inner cover of the album "pictures of our pre-dating flirting period, pictures of our first date, ikea sunsets, walks in my forest, couch lounging...they're all in here!" ...i wanted to add even more of a sentimental touch, so i sewed this fabric cover for the album to slip nicely in. we still keep it in the cover to this day! 
so you can call it "fabric gift wrap"...that lasts a really long time :) haha.
hope it gives you inspiration for sewing or even gift ideas!

and of course, the photo album. love apple!

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