well...not gonna lie, if i could afford photoshop i'd get it to edit my photos
or more like Adobe Lightroom, my brother had that before and it was incredible
BUT. if you don't have photoshop or one of those photo editing programs, 
i've found some creative ways of editing photos the free way.
i took some photos of my dear friend jess, and if you like the edits -
 keep reading below to see how i got em that way!

we took these pics down at Fort Langley by the Fraser River.
i've wanted to take some pics of this beaut for a while now and we finally made this day happen!
using my Nikon D40 (entry level SLR), and the trusty iPhoto on my mac laptop
i first took and edited the pics to colours i liked...
THEN..... i used my smart phone app to add filters to it!! :|
 that's why some of the pics are a bit more grainy, but hey it worked!
the app i used is called PhotoGrid
but. if you don't want to use your phone to edit (fair enough), there are 2 amazing websites
-may i add = FREE websites = that are amazing for photo editing:

(and of course everyone knows now, VSCO phone app is the best editing app EVER)

& there's some of my editing secrets. use them well friends, use them well.

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