yuuuuum. this is two different types of cheesecakes put together to make a layered cheesecake!

top layer = chocolate & butterscotch no bake cheesecake
middle layer = the regularly fabulous baked cheesecake
bottom layer = graham cracker crust

baking improvisation to it's finest. i first thought i would just try this baked cheesecake (used only about half the recipe). BUT turns out the layer of my cheesecake compared to the crust was a bit thinner than i expected.
after baking the thing, i ended up with this:

and me, not being satisfied with it...i thought i'd give it a try & add another layer on top.
i couldn't bake it any more or else the bottom layers would burn, so i added a no-bake cheesecake layer. cut this recipe by a third (forget the crust), used half chocolate chips and half butterscotch chips (i'd use all chocolate chips if i did it again - just ran out this time :P)...pop it on top as the top layer (with it all back in the springform pan), and chill in the fridge for a few hours!
add those strawberries on top!
then take the technique of the plastic bag (bottom of this page),
but microwave-melt the chocolate chips in the bag before cutting the hole
& decorate away! (i stuck to only horizontal lines for consistency this time)
but decorate as you wish, i'd love to see & learn new ways of decorating!
the combo of the 3 layers turned out to be mm mm good,
check out the links above and try it out for yourself!

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