my grandma & i made my wedding veil together!
believe it or not, it only costed about $10.
pretty insane when veils out there cost hundreds of dollars. matched perfectly with my wedding dress.
where i got the material:

#1. went to a fabric store 
i went to Dressew in Vancouver - 
found the french netting and bought it literally for a few bucks

#2. went to Michaels Arts & Craft store
bought the silver hair comb for another few bucks

#3. got the floral lace fabric from the extra hem of my wedding dress!
i'm short so of course, i had some of the lace cut off the bottom of my dress - 
and asked my seamstress to save me the lace!
the picture above shows the back of the lace and comb where we sewed them to the netting.
the sewing part was easy = just take a needle and white thread to weave in and out through the lace and comb.  when sewing through the netting make sure the thread goes through the squares of the netting.

the more difficult part was measuring the amount of netting you want for your headpiece,
and cutting out the flowers from the lace and arranging them the way you want.

but really, that isn't too difficult at all.
we made this in an afternoon and holds so much more sentimental meaning that i made it with my gramma! 
hope this helps your wedding DIY creativity!

find out more about my wedding and hear the wedding song i wrote for my hubby here

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