after a good 8+ months of having these picture frames hanging with no pictures,
i thought it was about fine time to fill them in.
the problem i had - which is why i waited so long was...what if the pictures don't go together?
what if it looks bad and i wasted so much time and money printing them?
do i go colour pictures, or do i go black and white? 
...and that's why i waited so long to fill them.

the neat thing about these pictures is - i spent no more than $2-3 on them ALL.
believe it or not, i found 8 out of 12 pictures online.
google image search baby. haha!
the trick that make your search fast is to know what you want. 
for example, the pictures below: i searched something like "feather black and white sketch" 
the middle maple leaf was the 2nd picture to show up on google for "maple leaf sketch"!
how easy is that!
once you have the picture you want - making sure they're good quality pictures
...super important - but because the picture frames i had were for the most part pretty small...these pictures turned out great!
...you then take your picture - transfer it onto Word - Microsoft Office or a program you're familiar with.  change the size dimensions of the picture to the size of your frame. 
print it off at home with your own printer (!) - and you've got yourself some beautiful wall art.

the question i previously had about whether it should be coloured pictures or not - was soon answered when i started to put pictures in the frames.  at first, i had 8-9 black and white pictures (easier to print, and i like the look), and then added a couple pictures in with colour.  i quickly decided it didn't look good with colour only for a few of them.  they all didn't blend together and the coloured ones popped out much more (my opinion only). so if you like the black and white look, i'd encourage you to stick to black and white for them all!
the only pictures you see up there that aren't from google search are:
1. the top seal with the top hat = that was actually from ikea
2. the middle "love unconditionally" script = was made by my husband, that talented one
3. the bottom left corner messy sketching = was drawn by me and my husband on the plane coming back from our honeymoon - killing time hahaha we amuse ourselves in interesting ways
4. a 4x6 picture of us when we were dating!

.....cheap & so so convenient.

for more: find out what paint colour we used on this wall and the process behind it!

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