whenever i chat with people about "fondant" - the first thing that pops into their head is usually the TV show - "Cake Boss". fondant seems like a hard thing to do, but really - it's quite simple.
it's basically making clay/dough out of edible, sweet baking ingredients!
so i decided to give it a try for the first time. lame part was - i ran out of powdered sugar. fantastic.
i was attempting to make flowers for my mum & mum-in-law for mother's day.
the easy part is making the fondant - i made a marshmallow fondant - but again FAIL because i ran out of powdered sugar 
(i substituted flour for my lack of powdered sugar and just told my mom's not to eat it (!)
...but the lack of sugar made my fondant look more like play-doh).
BUT the part to gain from this is = learn how to shape fondant WITHOUT tools.
so many recipes/blogs out there shape fondant with a bunch of expensive tools you have to invest in.
if you're like me and not THAT serious about making a huge investment into fondant - try this out:
1. roll multiple balls with the fondant
2. flatten the balls with a rolling pin (roll flatter than mine for a finer look!)
3. then just roll the flattened circles over each other to create a rose
while i was rolling - i popped some easy box-brownies into the oven, cut out a circular shape for my bowl and placed it inside like below to create the look of dirt...then just popped the fondant flower inside! ta da.
my goal for the next time i use fondant: make sure i have enough powdered sugar!!!
(and roll thinner pedals)


who ever said you had to wait for a wedding/reception to make some centerpieces? 
my husband surprised me with some flowers after my internship today, 
and boooy did they make me a happy one. ...i'm so blessed by an amazing husband.
in all honesty, i've been secretly & eagerly counting the days he would buy me a bouquet of flowers
& then make some mason jar arrangements out of them.
but of course i would never admit to that.........  haaa!
i haven't arranged flowers since my wedding planning (where we actually used fake flowers for the centerpieces).
99.8% of me is sooooo happy my wedding planning is over...
but that 0.2% of me that misses the wedding planning gets those moments of satisfaction in things like these.
i made a centerpiece for my home! ...took the bouquet of flowers, a few mason jars - and voila!
it's funny cause i used to always say to my husband "don't buy me flowers it's a waste of money i could buy clothes instead". BUT REALLY. as time flies on i soo love and have loved every single time he buys me flowers. it's such a beautiful expression of love... AND
it's pretty much temporary art for the home ha ha ha


 like many others, i'm no professional flower arranger. but it's pretty darn easy to cut up flowers and place them in a jar.
give it a try for yourself, heck go buy yourself some flowers...and as it does for me - let it spark a smile on your face whenever you see them in your home! :)


haven't posted on my blog in a while cause we went off to cabo!
just posting some pics from the trip cause it's just so darn pretty down there.
back home and ready to take on the world :)