Our really good friend, Jason runs a family business that sells ledgestone!
he explained how EASY it is to put it up and cement it to the wall....so here's our go at it!
we started off with our bare wall painted with "Moonshine":
 the picture below is what the ledgestone looked like from the shop.
my husband decided to cement it on the wall by himself.
first time for everything!
 he measured the width we wanted it, and drew in pencil lines.
he had to cut the ledgestone to exactly fit the width we wanted...and he pasted err on!
what a talented fellow
....after a few hours of hard work - while i was....taking pictures? ha ha
he finished it!
(notice the beautiful heart we drew in the wall that hides behind the tv :))
 and here she is all finished! props to Victor for putting it up soo fabulously

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