it was my hubbie's birthday! 
so i HAD to make him an amazing cake, of course.
started off with a red velvet cake 
- made two of them and used a knife to cut the muffin top off both of them as flat as i could.
stacked one on top of the other with icing in between, then stuck it in the freezer to cool off.
i cheated this time and used boxed red velvet cake mixes :o

in the meantime make sure your fondant is room temperature!
use this marshmallow fondant recipe  and you'll be surprised how easy it is to make.
(REMEMBER to make the fondant a day before so it can be refrigerated overnight!)

getting back to your cake base - after the cake hardens in the freezer =
use buttercream icing to cover the entire thing as flat as you can!
now i cheated yet again and didn't make the buttercream icing from scratch.
i took a Betty Crocker vanilla icing from the can and mixed about a cup of powdered sugar with it to harden the icing.

then like many fondant cake tutorials.....roll the fondant out into a large flat piece 
(cake diameter + height + height)
then roll the fondant over your rolling pin to easily pick it up and place over the cake.

remember your first step after you place the fondant over the cake is to........
secure the first inch on over the cake (push it on gently to stick to the icing)

then keep going around the cake till the whole fondant is stuck onto the icing!

take a pizza cutter and cut the remaining fondant from the bottom.
use a butter knife to tuck in the bottom fondant edge under the cake.

then make your decorations!
i wanted to make a chevron cake with this tutorial
but they failed to mention how hard this is!!

HINT = if the icing is too thin it will break, but if it's too thick it looks gross on the cake
- also Chevron fondant cake is very hard to do well for the first need to have the perfect
distance in between the stripes, and cut it perfectly - especially if you don't have the cookie cutter
sooo my recommendation....decorate a bit easier for your first fondant cake

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