working at a church, i get to plan events and this one i was so pumped for! 
DIY projects like crazy and baking - how fun is that.
we were gathering our young adult ladies and having an outdoor, backyard tea party!
i'll post some of the pics here, and later add some how-to's for some of the desserts/DIY keep posted!
me & my girl Sonia met up quite a few times to hash out and prep all the details of the event.
things were coming together pretty smoothly.  the spoons above were donated to us by a wonderful lady at our church - they were given to her by her mom when she travelled all around the these were our little giveaways :)
we bought 4 picture frames for around $1-2 each at value village 
made a rose swirl cake (steps coming!) and bought a couple store-made pies
i was stoked about this DIY streamer curtain. we drove about 4 hours (got lost many times) to pick up this chandelier (may I add, FREE chandelier) from craigslist. by the way, if anybody wants this chandelier please comment below and it's YOURS.
this curtain took about 16 rolls of white streamers.
will post on this soon too.
used some mason jars (of course) and candles that we had laying around our home and tied them to a tree with some hemp
on top of it, we made ANOTHER streamer backdrop with teal - supposed to be behind our dessert / food table.  Yes...we went all out. check out how to make them HERE
BUT unfortunately it was raining the whole morning/afternoon and we had to move our whole party on the deck undercover so this streamer backdrop later fell apart :(
this was taken as it was raining (notice the wet chairs!), so we didn't even get the table decorations all set up :(
we had library books rented out to decorate the table and other nick nacks but had to move this table undercover. so sad.
mason jars above = buy the straws at superstore = $3 for 60 straws! holla
and lemons....i LOVE LEMONS...just makes everything look so much prettier
here we got = little roast beef sandwiches, strawberry cake pops, kit kat cupcakes (made by Sons), strawberries, and cream cheese chicken cones (made with this stuffing)!!
and the rest are a few pics of our gorgeous ladies!

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