we had a tea party from a few weeks back (view some pictures here)
and i promised i'd write a post on the streamer backdrops - so here it goes!
you want to give it a try - it's soooo gorgeous and inexpensive!
streamer backdrop #1.
what's needed:
- 6 rolls white streamers (above)
- 2 rolls teal streamers (above = equivalent to 5 of the white size streamers)
- scotch tape
- clothing line

= and there you have all your materials for only $7-10!! 
simply measure the height of the curtain you want 
and cut the streamers white & teal the length desired.
if you have a clothing line available (easiest option by far!) 
then VERY simply fold a flap of the streamer over the clothing line and tape it down with scotch tape
(as seen above)
wish the wind wasn't so crazy that day...but there's our streamer backdrop #1!
side tip: you can double layer the streamers to give it a fuller look.
simply measure double the length and fold it in half before you tape the top edge down!


below is our streamer backdrop #2.
what's needed:
- 16 rolls of white streamers
- rope
- scotch tape
- a chandelier (or optional centrepiece of your choice)

= and all materials for only $8-10!! (we got the chandelier off craigslist for free ;))
you want this chandelier? post that you do in the comments and it's yours :)
your first step is to measure your rope and find the middle point - and tie the chandelier securely.
then simply lay out the rope on the floor, 
and the same way as streamer backdrop #1, measure your desired length, cut it and tape it on!
(this is harder to do on the ground, then a clothing me!)

when your streamers are all on, tie the rope to where your curtain will hang.
(in our case, to a couple trees)
then simply split the streamers to their sides - gather & tie the left and right sides 1/3 of the way from the bottom to create this curtain effect!


  1. Hi there!!! Great tutorial!! Fantastic idea!! And I'd be thrilled to take that chandelier off your hands!! It's fabulous! ;)

    1. Thanks Melanie! Any chance you're in Vancouver, BC? If so, for sure it's yours!! :)