so I started this blog out last year sometime just as a creative outlet, and want to thank ya'll for your summer lovin this year!
i've found my posts on a bunch of incredible websites and am pumped to share some with you all!

first and foremost - Pinterest.  
i had no idea there was a way of seeing all your posts from your website until i ran into this page!

then got some lovin' from
never heard of this site before - but am in love with it already! found my floating bench post 

gawker websites are incredible

i'm slowly figuring out 

and google+
i don't understand where all these page views are coming from, but keep em comin!

thanks for all the love out there! 
you're welcome to follow me on any of the sites above & keep checkin back, i'll find some neat ways to try and impress you all with DIY projects, baking, maybe music sometime soon ;)

AND, if you know of other great websites out there sharing similar things
 - feel free to share, i'd love to check them out.

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