my husband & i moved to cloverdale! it has been a slow process, 
which is why i haven't been able to post on here for a while!  we finally are getting settled so i found some time to make these flower headbands this long weekend! give it a try on your weekend off, it only took about an hour to make 2 headbands!
first and foremost: get the flowers! 
i went to Wal-Mart and bought a stem of flowers for $2.00 each.
it all depends on how many different types of flowers you want...
you could literally just buy one stem and that's all you need!

in my case i bought 4 different flowers = $8.00 (and had plenty to spare)

i'll show you two ways to make these headbands:

the first: only needs flowers and green floral wire

the second: needs flowers, hemp & a hot glue gun (polyester elastic optional)
the first way to make these:
- measure the circumference of your head and wrap the wire a couple times around like above
- cut the stem of the flower about an inch long and use the wire to wrap the flower on tight
- continue adding all the flowers desired

how stinkin simple is that!
i personally wrapped the floral wire with hemp all the way around after i added my 6-7 flowers
or keep going around the full headband with flowers to make a crown if you want.
completely optional!
this headband below uses the same technique
i just wrapped green yarn around the headband to add a different touch instead of hemp!
the second way to make these:
in my opinion, is the easier way!

you simply make your headband out of the hemp (or material you prefer)
then HOT GLUE gun the flowers down to the headband
(i added the leaves to add a nice touch)
{optional: i added the black polyester elastic to the back (sewed on a small piece) because i like having the headband hug my head tight when worn. if you do this you want to make the elastic stretch to equal the same circumference of the headband}

that's literally all you do.
i even used this white rose headband at my wedding reception! 
pictures at the bottom of this post!
and so if you're bored this weekend, give it a try!
add to your accessories bin!
would love to see what you come up with.
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