my dad's birthday is TODAY!
my dad has a yellow shirt that seems to be one of his favourites, 
so i thought i'd make him a cake to match it! :)
here we go!
start off with a cake base.  i wanted to make the cake a little smaller since it was just for 4 of us..
i took a 9x9 cake pan and made a brownie-cake, then just cut it into a rectangular shape.
make sure you cut off the top "muffin top" to flatten it!
i made a buttercream icing to cover the cake, then stuck it in the fridge to cool off.

in the meantime, i rolled out my yellow fondant (**that you make the night before!)
and got my green tie ready!

to make the striped look...cut & lay out the stripes, and simply use a rolling pin to roll the stripes in!
i wish i had more pictures to post from the process, but the lighting was terrible!
basically, 1. take your yellow fondant to flatten over the cake like our last fondant cake
2. lay your tie on the cake
3. lay your pocket on the cake
4. make your collar (long rectangle folded horizontally in half)

and that's it!
remember to use water to glue the pieces together
side tips: if the fondant gets shiny - you can use a paper towel to dab off the shine
(i'm not a huge fan of shine!)
give it a tryyyy!

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