here we go - let's try out some artsy hazelnut decorations!
first off, toast and peel your hazelnuts!

fun fact: in grocery stores (superstore for sure), hazelnuts are called filberts!
why you ask? apparently because they resemble full beards, where the word filbert comes from.
OR because hazelnuts mature on or close to St. Philibert's Day, August 20th
haha so if you can't find hazelnuts, find the filberts :)

to toast... simply stick them on a baking pan in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes!
then roll them around in a dry cloth to peel.

our NEXT step!
grab a bunch of skewers and gently twist the ends into the hazelnuts.
tip: avoid twisting skewers in the natural crack of the hazelnuts, they may split in half
once you've got that ready, it's time to make some caramelized sugar!
for me, this was the hardest part.
i followed different recipes, failed 2X - then came across this one
trust me - follow that recipe (the first way) and make sure once the sugar boils...

once you've got it, let the caramelized sugar sit to cool for a few minutes (to thicken)
then start dipping your hazelnut skewers into the sugar.
wait for a thin strand to drip down and then secure the skewer on the edge of your countertop
underneath a cutting board (make sure there are paper towels on your floor to cover for the mess!)

{ if the sugar in the pot starts turning hard, just place it over the stove on low again to heat up
and it'll be ready for more dipping }

a brilliant idea i read from another blog is to secure the skewers on the countertop over an opened dishwasher.  that way the dishwasher can pick up the mess and wash it out when you run it.

after 5-10 minutes of allowing the candied hazelnuts to harden,
use scissors to cut the tips as short as you want them (around 4 inches?)
then simply remove them from the skewers
(tip: if they're stuck too hard to the skewer, use scissors to gently cut 
the edge where the candied hazelnut meets the skewer to release)

place the candied hazelnut on your dessert, and there you have it!

i placed them on my mini nutella-banana crepe cakes.
click on the link above, or picture below to see that recipe!

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