this dessert is a gooder! 

NUTELLA BANANA mini crepe cakes

thanks to my sis-in-law, i tried my first crepe cake at her place in ottawa about a year ago & boy was it deeeelicious! i came home and have made a bunch of these cakes since then. it's definitely a favourite.
but this time i wanted to spice it up a bit and try making MINI crepe cakes. so, here we go.
first off, MAKE the crepes. CLICK HERE for the best crepe recipe out there.
(super chewy, must use this recipe!) the recipe above makes about 8 crepes - and using a 2 inch cookie cutter - you can get about 7-8 mini crepes in just 1 regular size crepe!
{that would equal to about 60 mini crepes}

you generally want about 20 crepe layers per cake to make it a decent cake.
so from the recipe above - it will only give you 3 mini cakes.

feel free to double, triple, quadruple the recipe above to get more mini cakes
but of course, the more you multiply - the more work for you!

below is about 3X the recipe above
after you've got your mini crepes all set to go - make your nutella filling!
of course, the amount you make will vary depending on how many crepes you make.

nutella filling (this amount is great for 9 mini cakes):
simply whisk 1 1/3 cups heavy cream with 1.5 cups of Nutella
(for us Canadians, since we can't buy heavy cream at our local grocery store 
- use this recipe to make your own - super easy)
so at this point - you have your mini crepes & your filling.
you are set.

remember TWENTY layers per cake.
start with a crepe, add some nutella filling with a spoon, add a crepe layer, add nutella
repeat over & over until you have 20 layers ending with the crepe on top (for now).
place in the fridge to cool & so the layers don't slip everywhere!
{ optional: slice bananas into thin slices to throw in the layers every third layer }

continue making all your mini crepes.

once finished - use the EXTRA nutella filling to pour over the top 
of each mini crepe cake for a nice finish.
**you can use a plastic bag filled with nutella filling and a cut hole in the corner to pour evenly**

LAST but not least, CLICK HERE to find out how to make the Candied Hazelnuts
as decoration for the lovely crepe cakes!

hope you enjoy.

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