Ok these ones I'd like to say I made up. 
(I'm sure on the internet it's been done somewhere though)

I saw the Masterchef winner do this to his meal a couple years ago, and it's always stuck with me.
Take puff pastry - any recipe you make, or the freezer bought kind and turn it into this elegant cage!

- Take your puff pastry, lay it out flat and cut it with a lattice roller for the holes
- Take parchment paper, roll it up into balls, whatever size you want your cages to be
- Lay the parchment balls on a baking sheet
- Go back to your lattice-cut pastry, cut out circles large enough to wrap around the balls
- Carefully wrap the pastry over the parchment balls and bake in the oven!

For the filling, I took my favourite apple pie recipe and filled the middle.
You can get creative with the filling - even place some ice cream in there.

Have fun!

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