dragonfly paint

we moved into our home on march 28th 2013, and couldn't, for the life of us decide on a paint colour. we wanted our home to be warm and welcoming so we naturally leaned towards warm colors like browns and even a warm orange.  we bought a $5 tester paint can from home depot to try out a "butter rum" color...but it didn't fit. friends came over and said it looked like vomit haha. I wanted a dramatic bright accent wall color to make a loud statement (brighter and lighter teal)...but Victor wanted to be more neutral. So...long story short, after going back and forth trying to decide on colours, and checking out & taking some designer blog ideas ...we ended up going with a dark teal (= dragonfly colour by benjamin moore) for an accent wall, with a light grey (= moonshine) for the other walls in our living & dining room. at first, blue-ish greens and greys were the last colors we wanted cause it seemed to give off a less warm feeling... but so far we're loving the cooler feel to it, which in our opinion, still seems homey & welcoming! check our our process below.

we came home late at night from our youth group that Victor leads and ended up painting until 3AM to get this wall done. 

...what it looked like at night before drying...

 ...and what it looked like in the morning!

messy kitchen, but beautiful wall! we love it!

next home project(s):
- paint the kitchen
- DIY ledge stone going onto our TV wall  (thanks jason!)
- DIY bench seat in the kitchen



yup, i did have a photoshoot of my grapefruit. 
so bitter & so juicy.

my wedding song.

"i take you, and only you
we pledge our lives in love
you'll lead and protect me
as i serve with all i am and bring you joy

together we love, together we grow
together we honour our Father, today

together we dream, together we stand
together we honour our Father, who's here today."

...we got married out in tsawwassen at this gorgeous heritage home. an outdoor ceremony, with no tent or covering at all. the weather forecast days before kept saying it was going to rain - plus the days before our wedding were all rainy and gloomy. i actually went umbrella shopping with my dad just in case we had to buy the whole bridal party umbrellas.  the heritage home owner told me i should definitely get a tent covering, & i'd be silly not to. the weather was just ugly for days.  we looked into renting a tent/covering but that costed almost $1000 - forget that! i prayed instead. things such as "God pleeeeeeeeeease don't let it rain!!!!!" haha. and you know what? it didn't rain! 

our ceremony was at 2pm and our reception was indoor at 5:30pm. it was bright and SUNNY (such a surprise compared to the previous days) from the early morning up until about 5:00pm. and at 5:00pm - when we were all coming to the indoor reception venue, it rained! PERFECT timing! it rained up until 9:30-10pm-ish. again PEEERRRFECT timing because at around 10-10:30pm we had LANTERNS (picture below) and we needed it to not be raining to light them. but it was even MORE PERFECT that it rained during the time it did, so that our lanterns couldn't light any nearby trees or buildings on fire! BRILLIANT. God is brilliant. Our wedding was incredible, every part of it - including the weather!

garageband for the WIN!

In a previous post, I was talking about the synth & recording program, Reason and how I want it so bad to record with. Victor (= incredible husband), stayed up till 2AM in the morning the night before we left super early (7AM) for Pender Island and bought me Reason Essentials without me knowing!!! INCREDIBLE. Every spare minute I'm trying to figure this thing out. I think I've figured it out for the most part, though there are still sooo many sounds I need to test out.  I've come to a few conclusions in my testing trials though:

1. Reason Essentials is missing a LOT of the instruments/sounds the full Reason has (makes sense).
2. The reverb options for vocals on the Essentials I'm finding isn't that great (i'm all for originality, but some are a little too out there).
3. I've spent so many hours playing around with Reason I kinda missed my simple Garageband.

SO with that said...I wrote a song about Hosea and his wife that so happened to be a prostitute = Gomer (Hosea = book in bible), aaand with no luck recording my song on Reason tonight, I went to my simple Garageband to record a tiny part of the song (I will finish recording and post sometime hopefully soon), and played around with the amazing vocal options haha! ..it's simply because I can. ENJOY each clip!

                                                        1.                                                                                           2.      
                                                        3.                                                                                          4.


Imagine living on a mini island where the only clothing store they had was a little Sears catalogue. Imagine living there with no wifi, no cable, no restaurants like Joeys, Earls, McDonalds, or even Starbucks! Almost everyone knows everyone. and alllllll you do is enjoy nature. That's what me, my husband, in laws  (parents, brothers, their wives) experienced on Pender island last week! It's this mini little island in-between Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Glad I brought my camera. So without any of the Vancouver life necessities down there... we simply enjoyed each other's company and some good Vancouver Island Hermann's beer. YUM. It's nice having time to escape the technologically advanced world sometimes.

it begins! (again)

I started out a new blog about a week ago on a site called blog.com.  I had a great URL = maynard.blog.com. Super simple, super neat. Turns out that this blog.com website is SUPER unreliable. The website is known to be down every week. ..SO. don't recommend that if you're gonna start a blog! As soon as it's up again, I'll re-post my posts here (only have a few so far) and I'll start again on this new site! This blogger.com seems pretty legit and super customizable. Hope ya enjoy THIS one!