kitchen & bench project

we seem to be taking our time slowly painting and furnishing each room in our home juuust the way we want it.  so far with our newly completed main floor, we are so happy with our color choices and purchases! gosh these things can be expensive.

so here's how it started out, mess and everything!


we were thinking of painting it orange (same color as our initial living room choice)...

...but just how we didn't end up choosing it for the living room, we also didn't choose it for our kitchen. looked too much like halloween with our black cabinets. ...we ended up choosing this light and cheerful sesame color by benjamin moore (it looks way nicer as paint than on their sample website). 

voila! our sesame colored kitchen! onto the bench!

when we were looking for a home to settle in (over a year), we saw in some show homes this floating bench idea that we fell in love with.  so victor decided to take on the project of building one on his own, and i committed myself to sewing the cushions for it. go team work!

he ripped out some dry wall to get the brackets in place and as sturdy as possible...

after about a day and a half of his hard work he got it done!

...we painted it white after it was all in place. (we ran out of enough painting tape to go around the entire border of the bench and all the stores were closed at that time cause we tend to do many of our home renos late at night haha! so we improvised by taping paper to the wall so we wouldn't get paint everywhere....did it work? by all means no ...the paint was sticking to the paper, soaking through, moving around...hahaha dumb move, shoulda thought before we did it - but like i was late.)

we eventually got it done. painted the wood and the brackets underneath.
i sewed the cushions in 2 nights, which turned out to be way more complicated and tedious than sewing your average pillow. but i got her done & tadaaaaa our team work project was complete!
i still really want to sew more pillows to fill up the bench with colourful comfiness, 
but i'll wait till i have more spare time and feel like sewing again!

till then, and till we get some art on our walls... we love our new kitchen!

christian terms 101

after being apart of several christian churches throughout my life this far,
i've come to realize there's a specific use of vocabulary that only church members and those familiar with christianity/catholicism would understand. BUT, I'm also realizing...
some people within the church sometimes say & use these words but...
THEY themselves don't even realize what the heck the words mean! 

so, i thought i would simply write out some of these definitions to help us all out:

1. amen! = "so be it" agreement

2. holy = "having a spiritually pure quality", "godly", "consecrated"

3. hallelujah! = "God be praised!", "a shout of joy, praise or gratitude"

4. glory = "great honor or praise", "renown"

5. glory PLUS hallelujah = "with great honor or praise, God be glorified!"
...we all know that faithful, older, church member who always calls out "Glory Hallelujah!" with a southern accent in the movies, or maybe even our own church hahaha ....

THEN...there are 7 important events/dates within the christian/catholic year
i thought i would write out so i can remember them!

1. advent = not just when you get chocolate off a pop out calendar! 
december 1 to december 24.
the waiting/expectant time for the birth of Jesus

2. christmas = we all know this one. 
the birth of Jesus.
not just present time

3. epiphany = usually january 6th
celebration of the revelation of God (son = Jesus Christ) as a human being

4. lent = around 6 weeks all before easter sunday.
believers are prepared through prayer and other ways

5. holy week = last week of lent (the week before easter).

6. easter! = this one's easy.
the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus after being crucified!

7. pentecost = used to be ancient Israel celebrating and partying together...
but then changed into the feast/celebration of the descent of the holy spirit.

SO. juuuust in case you hear those words...
now you know.

pictures taken of my home church by my friend at

teach with your boooody :o

Some stats: people generally retain...

 7% of the words they hear
38% through the tone of voice
55% is non-verbal communication

the WAY you teach, through your body (actions) and tone of voice is the biggest game changer in the way you teach. 

teach well my friends, teach well.

luke 1:68

blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!

or "he"...i female-ized it :)