well...not gonna lie, if i could afford photoshop i'd get it to edit my photos
or more like Adobe Lightroom, my brother had that before and it was incredible
BUT. if you don't have photoshop or one of those photo editing programs, 
i've found some creative ways of editing photos the free way.
i took some photos of my dear friend jess, and if you like the edits -
 keep reading below to see how i got em that way!

we took these pics down at Fort Langley by the Fraser River.
i've wanted to take some pics of this beaut for a while now and we finally made this day happen!
using my Nikon D40 (entry level SLR), and the trusty iPhoto on my mac laptop
i first took and edited the pics to colours i liked...
THEN..... i used my smart phone app to add filters to it!! :|
 that's why some of the pics are a bit more grainy, but hey it worked!
the app i used is called PhotoGrid
but. if you don't want to use your phone to edit (fair enough), there are 2 amazing websites
-may i add = FREE websites = that are amazing for photo editing:

(and of course everyone knows now, VSCO phone app is the best editing app EVER)

& there's some of my editing secrets. use them well friends, use them well.


i made this for my husband (boyfriend at the time), a few years back for his birthday.
it's a neat idea if you're stumped on what to get a loved one. i made and ordered him a photo book from apple with a bunch of pictures of us dating (& pre-dating). or so i wrote it on the inner cover of the album "pictures of our pre-dating flirting period, pictures of our first date, ikea sunsets, walks in my forest, couch lounging...they're all in here!" ...i wanted to add even more of a sentimental touch, so i sewed this fabric cover for the album to slip nicely in. we still keep it in the cover to this day! 
so you can call it "fabric gift wrap"...that lasts a really long time :) haha.
hope it gives you inspiration for sewing or even gift ideas!

and of course, the photo album. love apple!

this recipe makes about 1.5 of the above servings.
we found these avocado smoothies at vietnamese restaurants, and boy are they good.

just add all the ingredients together in a blender and there you have it!

add more sugar if you like it sweeter (or you can try honey)
& add less milk if you like it more thick.

hope ya like it !


i've probably tried at least 4 different crepe recipes in the past few months
and this one is definitely my favourite.
it's got a little bit more chewiness in it and reminds me most of the fabulous cafe crepe!

ingredients: all you need for 7-8 crepes
- 1.5 cups of flour
- 1 cup milk
- 1 cup water
- 2 large eggs
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tsp sugar
(with a non-stick pan, better yet - a crepe pan)

step 1. mix all ingredients together & refrigerate for an hour

step 2. heat up your pan over medium/high heat

step 3. i use a ladle to scoop it onto the pan (ladle about 3/4 full)

step 4. rotate the pan to cover and swirl the batter all over

step 5. this batter needs to sit on the pan for about 2 minutes on one side

step 6. flip over for 1 minute or less 
(let the edges get a bit crispy, and the centres brown a bit)

step 7. remove from pan, fold in half & spread nutella over 
(or your own sweet or savoury filling)

step 8. place bananas (filling) in the centre and fold triangular sides over to the middle

and serve! yum!


for the nutella topping:

use a ziploc bag to do the trick in decorating your crepes!

make sure the hole at the end is tiny - or else you'll get some thick lines.

enjoy :)


think you can't cook? whaaatevaa.
stick a yam in the microwave and in no time you've got yourself yummy hot, cooked yams!

#soeasy #anybodycancook


vic & i love the chalkboard look. we were gonna throw one up in our kitchen by our kitchen bench, BUT 2 problems - #1. it was like $80 we didn't wanna pay for just a chalkboard, and #2. we didn't want chalk dust flying all over our kitchen (...before we found out about chalk markers!! :O). 

SO alternate plan! 
- went to ikea & bought a $29.99 Ribba picture frame
- went to Staples and bought some matte black paint $5
- went to Michaels and bought $8 white chalkboard/glass markers
(...with the 40% off coupon youuuuu know ;))

we wanted this chalkboard to be for friends & fam to entertain themselves on when they're over. 
BUT i wanted to add a little Maynard touch to it before that happened.

i googled some "welcome" signs, defffffinitely copied some banner/details from other signs online.
defs can't take credit for the design of this! i drew it onto the plastic part of the picture frame, while vic spray painted the back piece of the frame the matte black.

these markers had the same consistency as white out so it was a bit frustrating at times.
but once you get used to it - it gets easier...
on a complete tangent, i was thinking while making this - i love watching the show Ink Masters (heh), but now have even MORE respect for tattoo artists (well. the good ones)'s soo RIDICULOUS the fine work they do. ...quite amazed.

anyways, in the end it turned out great - our back up plan in case this didn't work out since i've never tried to do this before - was to design a "chalkboard" welcome sign online (photoshop tools to make it look like a chalkboard, and some nice fonts) and just print it off to frame.
BUT glad this worked out instead!

we're excited for our guests to add some flavour to the rest of the board!

in all honesty, if i were to do this again - i'd change a few things.
i'd get actual chalk paint to paint the glass/plastic of the frame 
(the paint makes any surface a chalk board),
THEN use the chalk markers on top of that...
the difference being - it'd actually be a chalk board, 
AND the glass wouldn't leave such a reflection (like below)

go give it a try yourself!


vic & i are making a big piece of art made out of CORKS for our home. we'd looove to add a sentimental touch to it and get corks from our friends & fam (even if it's just one!). we'll be making a world map out of them, so we'll mark your little cork and put it in the country/city where you're from & mark each one of you people we love . how cute eh. so drink a bottle of wine and please give us your cork(s)! much appreciated!

stay tuned for an update on what this'll turn out to be!